But is it true? Why do they say you need thermally broken windows?

Many assume assume that a particular level of performance in a window can only be achieved with thermally broken windows. So, it is not that you must have thermally broken windows, it is that your windows must achieve a certain standard of performance.
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When we all enjoy lots of windows in our homes, and windows are a huge energy leak, then more and more we are needing to upgrade our windows to more energy efficient designs. Thermally broken windows perform at a level better than non-thermally-broken windows of identical design, but the window still performs only as well as that window design permits and this is shown by the test results that back that up. (refer to http://www.WERS.net)

Remember Uw is a measure of conductance, thus the lower the better.

So to decide whether you need thermally broken windows with their inherent high costs and lack of competitive pricing, the only thing you need to know is what is the U value (Uw) required of the window, and this is on your energy report. (SHGC – Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is also a factor but is generally economically managed). Your energy report may even specify a window brand or manufacturer, but none of that matters, only the numbers are critical.

If the Uw is the same, there is no difference between one window and another in energy terms. The only information you need to work this out is the Uw in your energy report.

The ‘“EcoEco”’ EcoTech window outperforms many thermally broken windows when you compare like for like… e.g. clear glass in both windows, the EcoTech window is designed with energy efficiency as a priority – and the Uw is all you need to know. Our opening window rates Uw 3.5 with clear glass shown as 4/12/4 in WERS. And it can include any glass type that other windows may use, our window design is unique and exceptional.
So, in summary, 70% of the time you won’t need thermally broken windows even when your energy report says you have to have them… and if you use EcoTech, you will have a window which is able to withstand 300kph wind, and stops 70% of noise as well.

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