Sliding Windows……

I’m having a sliding aluminium window frames issue, the track the window slides along is filled with water and windows have condensation most mornings. Do you know how to stop this?


Blinds In Windows…

What are your thoughts on the “blinds-between-glass” style of window/door that has the micro Venetian or honeycomb blind in between the 2 panes of the double glazing?


Bi-Fold Doors………

Regarding bi-fold doors, which, in your opinion is better, top hung or bottom roller?


PVC vs Aluminium

What are your thoughts on PVC double glazed windows? Are they better than aluminium?


Tilt & Turn Windows…..

We often get asked for tilt & turn windows, which “EcoEco” don’t supply. They look neat and are very flexible in operation, but they have several drawbacks.


Electric Hand Dryers

I just read that paper towels reduce bacteria left on hands by 40% – 60% whereas electric hand dryers increase bacteria levels by 255% – yes, that is adding another 2.5 x what you started with.


What’s wrong with my windows…?????

If your windows don’t open or close properly, especially casements and awnings, the least likely cause is the window itself.

I just spent my Friday evening at a finished home where most of the windows have problems opening
and closing… I can fix the problem, but we did not create it. When I try to explain all I get is “don’t make excuses”…Goodness… you have to trust someone, especially if you know nothing. (BTW, the builder will happily pay to have this fixed too…)


My window (or door) Leaks…

Sometimes your windows and doors can leak, but in most cases, water around your reveal area of a window or door has originated somewhere else and just finds it easiest to escape where the window meets the frame and brickwork.


The Impact Of Quality

A business friend bought a ****** home and with a small negotiation, he was allowed to use ‘“EcoEco”’ windows. His brother-in-law decided to buy another major project builder’s home – they built on adjacent blocks – but this builder insisted that he used their regular window supplier.


Thermally Broken Windows – You don’t need them!!!

So you have been given the bad news by your energy rater, your home needs thermally broken windows, you have been told that this will add 50% – 100% to the cost of your windows, (and little to the value of your home)


Is Low-E Worthwhile On my 3.6m Long Sliding Doors?

Low-E, or low-emissivity glass (emissivity comes from the verb to emit or give out, in this case heat).


PVC Windows

PVC windows make an efficient insulator, but this generally requires big sections with internal steel support, so a well designed aluminium window with low-E may outperform a PVC window with clear glazing.
Having supplied PVC windows in the past, I found that the coefficient of linear thermal expansion


Scratched Aluminium Windows…

I have aluminium windows and sliding doors and a lot of our window frames are very scratched and dented. The builders are saying they will just fix it, but my inspector is saying as its powder coated they would most likely need to replace otherwise it wouldn’t appear like new.


Double Glazing For Noise Reduction…

We are trying to get our windows sorted for our build. Energy report recommends double glazing to most of our windows. My question is will this significantly reduce outside noise coming in, or is there something else we can do/ add to assist with this?


Thermally Broken Windows – You Don’t Need Them!!!

I was asked by a builder to give a price for windows for a project. We always ask for the energy report to make sure we comply.The energy report specified 40% thermally broken aluminium windows & doors with low-E double glazing,


Replacing Windows

I would like to replace a couple of timber windows with aluminium double glazed windows. I really don’t like painting. If your existing windows are timber, then the jambs are in one line between outside and inside.


Double Glazing or Double Batts – Where to put your dollar. Do We Really Need Double Glazed Windows?

All existing and new homes have windows which gain energy through solar heat gain. Even in the cooler climates the homes may be uncomfortably hot on the hot sunny days, caused by solar heat gain.


Check list for Owner Builder or anyone doing a DIY at home.

Site works and administration:

Keep diary of all dates once construction starts and all notes of conversations, emails, costs etc with builder in case something needs to be discussed and clarified


I would love to have double glazing, but my home is 20 years old with single glazed cheap windows.

I would love to have double glazing, but my home is 20 years old with single glazed cheap windows. If you own any home built over 10 years ago by the major builders in Victoria (Metricon, Simonds, Henley, Jennings etc.), it is likely you have windows with an inline reveal.


Double Glazing-Air Gaps-What’s Best-Myth Vs Truth

Arm yourselves with the truth, give those sales guys a hard time!!!! Over and over I hear that “the bigger, the better” makes the best air gap for energy efficiency, I hear this from customers who have visited suppliers who only have a 16mm gap (24mm glazing space),


Bushfire (BAL)

Bushfire Attack Level – AWA

Bushfire Attack Levels AS3959:2009 is improving the ability of buildings in bushfire areas to maximise the performance during bushfires in giving a measure of protection to the building and its contents – YOU!


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