The Top 10 Reasons Why EcoEco Windows & Doors Are First For Energy, Strength And Value


Our products are physically tested in a local independent NATA laboratory, which also rates the products for energy efficiency. Our products were tested at Ian Bennie & Associates Pty. Ltd. Laboratory located at Luisa Avenue, Dandenong.


We don’t choose hardware with only price in mind, from our door rollers to the chainwinders, to handles and locks, it is all tried and tested… Not just big brands because they are not necessarily the best choice, but the most suitable for purpose. Our hardwood timber reveals are the ones which will support the windows, no compromise.


At EcoEco, we research the best design principles in the world and that is why our windows and doors are designed to use an optimum air gap of 12mm between the glass panes – the air is the insulating blanket just like your doona. Some say more is better, some even say a smaller air gap is better, ask them to show you the evidence, there are 10,000 reasons in WERS why EcoEco is right (EcoEco ranks 1st ahead of 10,000 other (non-broken) aluminium windows The purpose of the air gap blanket is to prevent conducted heat transfer, an air gap of 12mm is perfect because where air gaps are smaller than 12mm then radiant heat transfer overtakes the insulation, and where the air gap is greater than 12mm, the air in the gap starts to circulate through convection and the conducted heat transfer increases – this is especially noticeable at gaps approaching 20mm.


Unlike almost every residential window on the market, the EcoEco windows and doors were designed from scratch to be a double glazed energy barrier. The EcoTech window is the most energy efficient aluminium double glazed window available in Australia – and there are 10,000 of them!!! Check out, call us if you need help, or if anyone says another aluminium window is better, we would love to know.


We design for strength and performance and for you the customer. Take the EcoTech transom (horizontal divider), ours is fully continuous even on the underside, and it is even deep enough for the chainwinder which sits right on top with no overhang. The transom is what gives larger windows strength, and EcoEco’s EcoTech has a wide continuous box profile, and that adds 33% more aluminium to the transom and 100% more strength to the window.


There is not one area where the EcoTech window does not excel, and that includes the price. While we can’t guarantee to beat every price, we can guarantee that no other aluminium window can be supplied at our quality and even come close on price. We promise.


Most residential windows come with non-lockable hardware, with EcoEco awning and casement windows it’s standard, our entry doors, sliding doors and sliding stacker doors also come fitted with deadlocks, and with our French and bifold doors 3-point locking is our standard. That alone could add up to an additional $1000 with any other supplier.


Pure strength in our design is shown by our window performing at a wind and terrain rating of N4 (2.4m high x 1.8m wide), but an easier way of illustrating the strength of the EcoEco aluminium window is the width of our single sash awnings, and the height of our single sash casements. At EcoEco we built in enough aluminium to support a single opening sash 600mm high x 2650mm wide when others can’t get to 2000mm wide even in single glazed, and our 2100mm high and 2400mm high casement windows don’t need a transom to support their weight, you get the full height glass… That’s strength, and good design. Just ask the competitors how wide they can make a single sash 600mm high… Then ask if they can make 2400mm high casements without a transom.


EcoEco’s silicon glazing rigidly bonds the frame and the glass on both the inside and the outside of the windows and doors. With EcoEco aluminium windows, sashes don’t change shape, French and bifold door panels don’t drop… they give year after year performance. Our residential window achieves a wind and terrain rating of N4 in a size 2.4m high and 1.8m wide… Ask the others what their window rates in THAT size…


Your house is only as safe as its weakest point. You can opt to upgrade that bond between glass and aluminium on EcoEco windows and doors by choosing the laminated glass option to be built into your double glazed windows, this will give your windows and doors that car windscreen performance when attacked, and it will add to the acoustic performance as well. Ask the others what holds their glass in place…

EcoEco Has 9 Standard Colours Available, Which Have Been Matched With Colourbond Colours.

Our Range Includes:

  • White (Pearl White Gloss GA078A),
  • Pale Cream (White Birch Gloss GA057A),
  • Cream (Dulux Magnolia Gloss 272-32658 9),
  • Beige (Paperbark Satin GU114A),
  • Grey/Green (Woodland Grey Satin GL105A),
  • Black (Black Satin GN150A),
  • Silver (Citi Matt GL211A) and
  • Monument (Dulux Monument Satin 272-9067S).
  • Jasper
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