I started my career straight out of VCE as a Trainee Estimator at a window company. I clearly loved the industry so much that I never left! Over the 14 years I have spent in the window industry I have had positions in almost every field – customer service, sales, estimating, marketing…

At home I have a beautiful husband, two gorgeous young boys (3 & 4 years old) and two crazy French Mastiffs who keep me busy and often test my sanity! To me nothing is more important than having work-life balance. I believe you will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life.

Unfortunately for my husband I am an online-shopping-addict, where I search for anything that is a bargain… I love to have a good laugh over a glass of wine with friends, I enjoy watching movies from all genres and I also enjoy travelling. Some of my favourite places in the world are right here in Australia. We recently bought a caravan so we can get away as often as we like with our kids and enjoy the great outdoors.

I dislike cold, drizzly, cloudy days, inattentive or impolite waiters or waitresses, being asked to choose the restaurant, people who ask questions during movies, when you get into bed at 11pm but spend two hours insomnia-trolling Instagram, and series and movies that end “to be continued…”

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