The impact of quality

Then EcoEcowindows in the business friend’s home were all watertight, the BIL’s windows leaked-all of them -he called the builder… “it’s normal for Australian windows to leak”(yes, that is honestly what they said).

Fortunately,he was well connected with a decent window company and all the leaks were sealed. There are builders’ quality windows and there are builders’ quality windows. Some suppliers make a low-quality window in a low-quality way, so having skimped on materials, they then skimp on processes and controls. A window which has been designed to use less materials

should not leak in a flat and reasonably dense suburban area.Unfortunately, a window made by skimping on quality is likely to leak in any area. Check the quality of your windows and doors before you buy,and when in use,make sure the drain holes are clear, that the tracks in sliders are clean so that the drainage system can work. Very occasionally, the manufacturer may have missed putting drain holes in a window or door… that is a guarantee they will leak.

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